05th June 2024

New Feature - Beta

Instead of sending support requests to the default email on the account, manualy choose the email address for receiving cart support requests.

Based on early feedback, we'll add additional rules and advanced configuration.

29 May 2024

  • Back button on the cart detail page takes you now back to the specific view you're coming from, instead of all tabs as it was until now.

7th May 2024

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements have been made.

16 April 2024

Enhancements to Draft Order Creation:

  • After converting a cart to a draft order, you will not be automatically redirected to the draft order, instead you will see the button saying "Go to draft order"

  • If the customer has added items to the draft order, you can update the draft order to include these items.

  • Previously, if you deleted a draft order, you were unable to convert the cart again. This capability has now been added.

10 April 2024:

We have made improvements to the Dashboard that allow you to easily track customer orders. You will be able to see which carts have been successfully completed, as well as how the orders were placed (whether online or from a draft order). Additionally, merchants using the interactive widget will be able to view any incoming support requests.

March Updates

Cart Whisper V2.0 Highlights

Release Date:
7th March 2024

What's New:

  1. Three New Widgets: We are introducing simple, modern, and comprehensive widgets. The comprehensive one comes with form submission options, enhancing customer interaction and insights.

  2. Live Widget Customization: Merchants can now tweak widget designs in real-time directly from the storefront, enabling immediate visual feedback and optimized engagement.

  3. Notifications: Merchants will receive a banner alert in their admin panel next to the cart, indicating that a form has been submitted. Additionally, an email will be sent to both the merchant and the customer to confirm that the request has been received.


  4. Exit Intent Popup: It was redesigned for consistency, with new widgets and improved trigger mechanics for better engagement and reduced abandonment.

New Features:
22 January 2024

  • Now, it is possible to link shopping carts with logged-in customers, which is particularly beneficial for B2B stores as it allows them to track which customers are adding items to their carts.

New Features:
04 December 2023

  • You can now choose the format the Card ID starts at

New Features:
25 October 2023

  • A new report showing the amount of draft orders created with the app

  • A new report showing carts based on the country

  • A new report shows the type of device that the customer is using.


  • We fixed an issue where the widget would not display on certain themes


  • Updated app to Polaris 12